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How do I get my child more active?

Like adults, children need to be physically active to stay healthy but only 44.0% of children and young people (3.2 millioin) met the Chief Medical Officer guidelines to taking part in sport and physical activity for an average of 60 minutes or more per day according to Sports England. The effects of the first year of the pandemic saw a decrease of 1.9% in this figure compared to the same period just 12 months prior.

Research shows that 80% of overweight children become obsess adults. “Being obese puts a person at risk for many cancers, including colon, breast and endometrial cancers,” says Carol Harrison, a senior exercise physiologist at MD Anderson.

So, what can you do to get your child more active? The Super Star Sports team have a list of our top 6 tips to get fit, active and living a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Use exercise as transportation – Going somewhere within walking distance? We know it’s tough, but try to carve out the extra time to walk more often. Fresh air and a brisk walk are great for not only your physical health but also mental health and a great opportunity for you to talk to your child.

  2. Include them in household activities – Many household chores are a fantastic opportunity to move your body. Encouraging them to take on extra responsibilities like helping clean up, setting the table and helping to take the bin out burn sneaky extra energy rather than sitting on Fortnite. Not only does it get them active, it promotes self-responsibility and self-reliance. Read more about the benefits of children doing chores here.

  3. Make it fun – Fun activities such as random dance parties, penalty shootouts and even practicing TikTok dances are the vegetable in the pasta sauce equivalent of sneaking exercise into their day. Have fun with it.

  4. Birthday and Christmas presents that promote physical activity – A new bike, football or dare I say, roller-skates are a great way to get them excited to move their bodies.

  5. Take the pressure off the win – While competition is great, ensuring your child enjoys the activity of practicing a sport and moving is super important in the long term. Try to encourage practicing and moving for fun.

  6. On the flip side, use competition to your advantage – Competition is one of the best motivators out there, it’s just human nature to want to beat your parents. Challenge them to a running race, super-star jump competition or similar and just watch how quickly they break a sweat.

What are we doing to help?

At Super Star Sport DA our number one goal is to get the UK’s children fit, active and living a healthy lifestyle.

  1. By partnering with the Early Years Sports Fund we are offering every Early Years Setting a FREE PE session with our highly skilled coaches.

  2. Reaching out to every primary school to find out how we can help improve the sports provisions within their primary school.

  3. Launching community sports sessions throughout the DA postcode to make attending extra sports classes even easier for parents.

  4. Sharing tips, tricks and game ideas to help parents and educators get children moving and smiling!

If you are a parent, early years educator or primary school teacher and would like more information about how Super Star Sport can help you, please email with the subject “Get fit, active and healthy!”.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for more tips, game ideas and news.

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