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Know before you go

Our top tips for successful sessions:

  1. Arrive at sessions 5-10 minutes early to get started right on time

  2. Bring plenty of water

  3. Dress for the weather

  4. Be ready to try your best!

Know before you go
  • How will my child be looked after and by who?
    Our dedicated Camp team consists of the Camp Coordinators and Camp Leaders who look after your little one throughout their day and lead their activities. They are there to ensure a fun, safe day as a whole.
  • Can I get feedback on my child's day?
    Yes! If you would like to speak to your child's camp leader, just ask at reception and they can give you feedback on their day. If it requires a slightly longer discussion we would be more than happy to schedule an appointment.
  • What if my child has difficulty getting settled in?
    Our friendly team will do everything in their power to help children settle in. Our staff are trained and are aware that some children may find it more difficult to settle in a new place and take extra time and care to make them feel comfortable. Our welcome team on arrival who show your camper to their table, introduce themselves and introduce your child to a few new friends. Our campers are friendly and welcoming through initiatives like our Super Citizen programme which rewards acts of kindness. If your child doesn't settle on their first day of camp, please let us know! Just as we tell the children, we can better help when we know about a situation, so please bring it to the attention of a Camp Leader.
  • My child has a specific medical condition. Do I need to tell you?
    Yes - please tell us anything we need to know about your child's health when you make your booking e.g. diabetes, epilepsy, serious allergies and so on. In some cases we may need to send you some more forms and get additional information from you about your child's needs. The more information you provide us with the better quality of care we can provide for your child. If your child needs medication at camp, you must let the staff know and complete a medication form available at registration.
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